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Av Sandra - 1 november 2013 09:20

För lite mer än ett år sedan begick Nicklas Hocker självmord och om han fortfarande levde skulle han ha fyllt 22 idag.

Efter Nicklas hade varit med i Idol 2009 blev han djupt deprimerad. Nicklas hade försvunnit en dag och Missing People Sweden letade efter honom. Man hittade hans kläder längst ut på en pir och sedan hittades hans kropp i Kungsbackafjorden. 



Av Sandra - 31 oktober 2013 19:33

Beard Already Got Shaved | BLIND GOSSIP

Beard Already Got Shaved

This beardy couple came and went so quickly that they never even got around to signing the contract. But we’re going to talk about them anyway… because they are bound to get beardy with other people in the future!

She is an actress who was was coming off a relationship with her Male Costar. It was one of those Twilighty relationships designed to make viewers interested in a on-screen couple who also dated off-screen.

He is a reality star from a popular show. You also know His Sister, who is no stranger to being a beard herself.

Well, The Actress and The Sister are good friends who spent a lot of time hanging out together. When The Actress broke up with her Actor Boyfriend, The Sister had a “great idea”: Let’s set you up with My Brother, the gay reality star!

The Actress agreed. That was dumb. She is much higher profile than The Brother. Her management quickly stepped in and told her that there was no point in dating “down”, especially since it wasn’t even a real relationship.

Their initial three-month contract was never signed, The Actress and The Brother “broke up”, and they are now each looking around for their next PR-generated relationship.

The Actress: Nina Dobrev

Actress’ Male Costar: Ian Somerhalder

The Sister: Julianne Hough

The Brother/Reality Star:  Derek Hough

Av Sandra - 30 oktober 2013 21:01

The Singer and The Dancer Cut A Shocking Deal | BLIND GOSSIP

The Singer and The Dancer Cut A Shocking Deal

This popular male singer is completely reckless and out of control.

We believe that there are many reasons for this: Dr*gs. Alcohol. Bad friends. Too much fame too early in his life. Too much money. Not enough people willing to say “No” to him. Too manygirls who are willing to have unprotected sex with him.

One of the women with whom he has been having sex is a pretty young dancer who used to work at a very popular L.A hotspot. He caught her act several times and soon asked her to join his tour.

She wasn’t just a dancer on his payroll. She was also his sexual partner in between his trysts with other girls. Yes, there are always lot of girls. Our guy has a voracious sexual appetite.

Very recently (within the past few weeks), our dancer discovered that she was pregnant by the singer. Oops.

His management team told her exactly what they expected from her. Baby? No! She would get an ab*rtion, and in return, she would get a lump sum of cash and she would get to keep her  job.

She initially refused the offer. The management doubled their efforts. They told her that if she didn’t get an ab*rtion, that she would be fired from the tour and that they would make sure that she never worked professionally again (No, we don’t know exactly how they were going to ensure that happened).

This is a young girl with no money, no higher education, and no job skills except dancing. She was up against a rich and powerful celebrity and his rich and influential management team. She took the deal. She had the ab*rtion just a few weeks ago… and went right back out on tour with him as one of his dancers.

Singer: Justin Bieber


Jag googlade lite på hans kvinnliga dansare och den här tjejen kom upp flera gånger, tror ni att det är hon?

Av Sandra - 29 oktober 2013 22:44


The way he leans forward and does the air quotes is so powerful, like that’s as rude as he’ll get and he’s being pushed to his limits

Av Sandra - 29 oktober 2013 19:09

Marc Jacobs' porn star boyfriend harry Louis took relationship matters into his own hands over the weekend, announcing via Instagram that the couple have split

Photo by harry_louis

Marc Jacobs pojkvän tog relation i egna händer och meddelande under helgen via Instagram att paret har gjort slut. Harry Louis, 25, som började dejta den 50-åriga designern under 2011. 

Av Sandra - 29 oktober 2013 11:10

Three and Juice | BLIND GOSSIP

Three and Juice

What young stud recently had a threes*me with a mother and her daughter?

Hopefully it was enjoyable for all three of them considering he’s been juicing his muscles.

Do youthful hormones counteract the supposed dick shrinking effects of steroids? If he doesn’t stop, ironically he might have to start putting his shirt on. Bacne doesn’t look good on Instagram.

Stud: Justin Bieber

Populära gissningar

Mother: Kris Jenner, Demi Moore, Dina Lohan, Trish Cyrus

Daughter: Kylie Jenner, Rumer Willis, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus



Always in my heart


Välkommen till Sveriges enda blogg om Larry Stylinson!

Jag heter Sandra och är 19 år, jag har ett stort intresse för människor och våra skillnader och likheter. 
Visa min presentation

Sanningen om Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson - Är namnet för romansen mellan Louis Tomlinson och Harry Styles från One Direction. One Direction var med i X-Factor 2010 där de kom på tredje plats. Namnet kom från början när flera fans märke att Louis och Harry var närmare än de andra killarna.(Liam,Niall och Zayn) Först var det ett 'bromance' namn, att de bara var jättenära vänner men sedan började vissa av fansen märka att det fanns mer under ytan. Och då splittrades fandomen i två delar de som såg deras kärlek och de som trodde på lögnerna. Larry shippers kallas vi som såg, trodde och stöttade deras kärlek. 


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