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Blindgossip - Payzer

Av Sandra - 8 maj 2013 09:51

En grej jag glömde skriva om BG var att om dom har skrivit en artikel om ett par så löser dom gåtan när paret har gjort slut.

Publicity Proposal Pending

This young performer has a dilemma on his hands. He has not been keeping up his end of the publicity–making for his project. So his management team has a plan:

They want him to propose to his girlfriend.

Now, management already knows that he has no intention of actually marrying the girl. They don’t care about that. They just want all the attention that goes along with a beautiful young couple in love!

One thing is for sure: they know that the fans will cling to every detail of the proposal, the ring, the engagement, the dress, the wedding song, etc. over the next year. And lots of attention from teen girls is what powers the popularity of young performers!

The performer – and his girlfriend – both know this, and they are now arguing over what to do. She is in favor of it, but he is hesitating.

By the way, this isn’t a new stunt. They proposed the same thing last year, but the performer balked just a few days before it was supposed to happen. It will be interesting to see if he goes through with it this time. You’ll know that things are moving in that direction if there is a significant uptick in chatter about their relationship over the next few weeks.


It’s Liam Payne of One Direction and Danielle Peazer! Source:

Many of you quickly zeroed in on One Direction because of this clue (“You’ll know that things are moving in that direction…”), but very few picked out Payzer as the correct couple.

Congratulations to Abi, who was first with the correct guess! Abi even picked up on this: “OK I’m guessing purely from the amount of alliteration in the title that it’s Liam Payne of Payzer.”

Alliteration: Publicity Proposal Pending… for Payne and Peazer. Makes sense, right?

Liam and Danielle have been dating since 2010. 1D’s management team liked them as a couple, and were very unhappy about the persistent gay rumors about other members of the band. They really want young girls to see the members of One Direction as romantic and desirable heterosexual young men. So they encouraged Liam and Danielle to stage an engagement so the fans would be distracted and get swept away in the romance of the proposal and the engagement ring, etc.

Danielle loved the idea, but Liam did not. He initially agreed, and then balked. He considered it again this year, and then backed out again. He just did not want to be pushed into a phony arrangement… especially because he and Danielle have been having problems for the past year (and have even broken up a couple of times). Good thing he resisted, too, because the couple just announced a formal breakup. From The Daily Mail: 

Liam Payne splits from Danielle Peazer but 1D star insists they will remain friends

Good news for One Direction fans (yay!) but bad news for Liam Payne (sob!) – the singer is back on the market after splitting from his model and dancer girlfriend Danielle Peazer.

The pair had a brief break last Autumn and managed to put their differences aside to reunite but they decided to go their separate ways after a heartfelt discussion in April.

A rep for Liam told “Liam and Danielle have split. It is all very amicable and the pair remain friends.”

Well, we wouldn’t expect anything different from Liam being the kind and gentlemanly chap that he is.

Liam and Danielle are said to have been trying to make their relationship work for months but struggled to see each other due to their hectic schedules with Danielle’s dance and modelling commitments and Liam currently being away on tour with 1D.

For those Directioners who are obsessed with Liam’s every move incredibly interested in Liam’s life, it is thought Danielle will still appear in the band’s upcoming movie as they were spending a lot of time together in recent months.

Liam and Danielle first got together after meeting during The X Factor in 2010 but after a seemingly happy relationship were plagued by break-up rumours earlier this year.

Danielle is yet to speak out on the matter.

Are you sad to hear of the split? We are… BUT… who will Liam date next?

So the fake publicity proposal didn’t work in this case because Liam stood up to Modest. Will Modest try to talk another band member into a fake engagement? What other kind of publicity stunts will Modest pull? You’ll see soon enough…

Källa:Publicity Proposal Pending | BLIND GOSSIP

Viktiga punkter:

So the fake publicity proposal didn’t work in this case because Liam stood up to Modest. Will Modest try to talk another band member into a fake engagement? What other kind of publicity stunts will Modest pull? You’ll see soon enough…

Det här vådar inget gott så det är bäst att hålla ögonen öppna...


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Av Sandra - 27 juni 2017 17:09

   Diogo Alves var en av de första seriemördarna i Portugals historia och en av de sista personerna som hängdes. Hans huvud finns bevarat vid University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Medicine. Alves föddes i Galicia 1810 och flyttade till Lissabon ...

Av Sandra - 12 juni 2017 15:04

                I maj 2017 räddes en albino orangutang från en by i Borneo, orangutangen var fem år gammal och den första som har dokumenterats av Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) under de 25 år som de har arbetat. Alba hade fång...

Av Sandra - 8 oktober 2014 15:57

            There’s something really pretty about nature reclaiming its domain once we are gone. We had this wonderful piece of concept art we developed really early on, and there are all of these wild animals that have escaped from a zoo,...


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