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Taylor Swift’s Gay Boyfriend/s | BLIND GOSSIP

Taylor Swift’s Gay Boyfriend/s

For as long as gay men have been making names for themselves in showbiz, there have been fiercely famous beards by their side.

A perfect accessory for any self-loathing gay celebrity, the “beard” by definition is “any opposite sex escort taken to an event in an effort to give a homosexual person the appearance of being out on a date with a person of the opposite sex.”

Rock Hudson had one, Liberace had two, and there’s no doubt closeted gay Hollywood is chock-full of them cough today. Perhaps the most famous (and certainly the most obvious) modern gay beard is country star Taylor Swift, a beard so highly revered and profitable she’s been considered by some to be Hollywood’s first Power Beard.

But even though she’s dated nearly every male celebrity with a face, not one of Swift’s previous boyfriends has ever come out of the closet. She’s had so many relationships, it’s plausible to believe at least one of them was purely for show, right? So which one is it?

Swift dated JoBro heartthrob Joe Jonas back in 2008, before he was hot. He revealed last year that they never actually had sex, probably because Taylor refused to whip and penetrate him.

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner most likely just exchanged makeup tips and boy gossip during their three-month relationship in late 2009. The brief stint ended after she broke up with him, inspiring one of her only “apology songs.”

John Mayer is probably, most definitely, not gay. The singer briefly dated Swift in 2009/2010 before he settled down with Katy Perry, who definitely doesn’t play the beard game.

Jake Gyllenhaal allegedly prefers “tits and ass,” but we’re still secretly hoping his brief 2010 relationship with Swift was a sham. She may not want him anymore, but we certainly do!

Swift took a dip in the Kennedy family gene pool for three months in 2012, when she dated 18-year-old Conner Kennedy. They broke up after three months because they “lived too far apart.”

If One Direction front man Harry Styles were gay, he’d probably just be openly gay. His one month relationship with Swift last year was likely just for kicks.

And there’s no need to imagine this iron-clad ally as one-half of a same-sex relationship, there are plenty of racy photos that’ll paint a pretty awesome picture for you.


Swift continues to deny allegations that she briefly dated Zac Efron last year. But the world would stop turning if we ceased speculation about Zac’s sexuality, so…

And finally, most importantly, Swift’s most recent sighting with rumored (but definitely “not“) gay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. They’re not officially dating, and they’re definitely not fooling around, but was their recent night out simply Bearding in action?

Taylor’s gay boyfriend/s: Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zac Efron & Aaron Rodgers

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Ihärdiga rykten har länge hävdat att Bruce Jenner befinner sig i en identitetskris och funderar på ett könsbyte. Den 64-årige realitystjärnan, tillika olympiska legendaren, har sportat längre går och naglar sedan separationen från Kris Jenner, vilket först startade ryktena. Efter att Bruce i veckan fick sitt adamsäpple borttaget har nu stjärnans söner, Brandon och Brody Jenner, enligt uppgifter medgivit att Bruce går igenom en identitetskris, rapporterar Radar Online.
“Bruce går definitivt igenom en identitetskris enligt Brandon och Brody," förklarar en nära källa. " Killarna har inte frågat sin pappa om han vill övergå till att bli kvinna, men de har definitivt tänkt på saken. Så länge Bruce är lycklig, det är det enda som räknas." - Sönerna medger att Bruce Jenner går igenom en identitetskris! |

This superstar athlete is the arguably one of the best of all time at his profession.

However, while he was all man on the field, he was all woman off the field.

You see, in his private sexy time, he enjoys wearing women’s lingerie and cosmetics!

His ex freaked out over her discovery of his secret stash of women’s clothing and makeup and left him. He is married to someone else now, and his wife knows about his hobby. As her own high-profile is tied to his, she will put up with it as long as her lifestyle is maintained.

It’s Bruce Jenner! 

More wackiness in the Kardashian household! Bruce’s ex spilled the beans about his cross-dressing to Robert Kardashian’s ex over drinks one day. Does this explain Bruce Jenner’s plastic-surgery morph into a more feminine visage?

High Heels And Lacy Bras! Bruce Jenner Is A Secret Cross-Dresser, Says Ex

The Kardashian women are famous for their extravagant red carpet outfits, expensive jewelry and global fashion collections, but it’s not just the female members of the reality TV family that love to dress up, as Star magazine can exclusively reveal.

Robert Kardashian’s former wife, Ellen, claims that Bruce Jenner, 62, has a secret fetish for wearing women’s clothing, shoes and lingerie, according to the new issue of Star.

Ellen learned of the bombshell over drinks with Bruce’s ex, Chrystie, who spilled the beans on his cross-dressing alter ego.

“’Of course Bruce was every woman’s heartthrob when he was that age, right?’” Ellen says she asked. “But Chrystie said, ‘Yeah, until I went on a trip and I came back and he had gone through all my clothes. And I found my bras… He’d clip them together and wear them.’

“I couldn’t live with that,” she confessed.

Chrystie went on to divorce Bruce, but his next wife, Kris Jenner, was unfazed by her husband’s odd taste, and Ellen tells Star that he continued to cross-dress for years after their wedding.

But her daughters weren’t as accepting about finding size 13 heels in their mom’s closet!

“Khloe called her dad and she was very upset, crying and screaming about it,” revealed Ellen. - Athlete Has A Secret Closet | BLIND GOSSIP

Which reality TV father likes to get dolled up as a woman — dress, lipstick, high heels and all — when the cameras are off. Even though his wife thinks her hubby’s cross-dressing is ‘cute,’ don’t expect to see his antics on their hit show anytime soon.

It’s Bruce Jenner! 

When Bruce and Kris Jenner announced their separation last week, it didn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, the former Olympian had admittedly moved out of the Kardashian home into his own Malibu beach house, and Kris was caught multiple times partying with younger men. However, an insider tells Star that there’s even more that went into the breakup than just that!

“Bruce has a feminine side,” our source reveals. “He likes growing his hair out, likes getting manicures and pedicures and won’t leave his house without his diamond earrings. And he’s obsessed with plucking his eyebrows!”

To Star readers, the 63-year-old’s feminine qualities are no surprise. Two years ago, we first reported his fetish with cross-dressing, and now, more sources are coming forward that echo our original report — including details about how he “borrowed” stepdaughter Kim Kardashian’s lingerie!

“Kris has told Bruce that she will reveal his secret if he doesn’t go along with her plans about their split or their show,” the insider adds. - Daddy Likes to Dress Up | BLIND GOSSIP


Och nu har BG skrivit en ny artikel som handlar om Bruce: Internal Sprint Will Start Next Year | BLIND GOSSIP

Internal Sprint Will Start Next Year

Each change in this celebrity’s appearance has been widely documented over the past few years. Their multiple plastic surgeries have been so obvious that we have nothing new to add there.

But we do have some additional information for you that isn’t public yet! While it’s been all about the external up until now, we have learned that our celeb has also been visiting other doctors (not plastic surgeons) to develop a plan for some internal changes.

Next year, our celeb will begin a serious course of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). No, it has nothing to do with menopause.

Up until now, our celeb has been making changes gradually, viewing their transformation as a marathon, not a sprint. Well, over the next two years, they are going to start sprinting, with the final result sure to create lots of controversy.

He is going to fully transition to a she.




Bruce tänker byta kön under 2014 till kvinna.



Always in my heart


Välkommen till Sveriges enda blogg om Larry Stylinson!

Jag heter Sandra och är 19 år, jag har ett stort intresse för människor och våra skillnader och likheter. 
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Larry Stylinson - Är namnet för romansen mellan Louis Tomlinson och Harry Styles från One Direction. One Direction var med i X-Factor 2010 där de kom på tredje plats. Namnet kom från början när flera fans märke att Louis och Harry var närmare än de andra killarna.(Liam,Niall och Zayn) Först var det ett 'bromance' namn, att de bara var jättenära vänner men sedan började vissa av fansen märka att det fanns mer under ytan. Och då splittrades fandomen i två delar de som såg deras kärlek och de som trodde på lögnerna. Larry shippers kallas vi som såg, trodde och stöttade deras kärlek. 


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