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"Cinque Terre", vilket betyder "fem länder", kallas en 12 km lång del av den italienska rivieran. Namnet kommer från de fem gamla fiskebyarna som ligger längs kuststräckan, alla lika vackra och färgglada. Området är både ett världsarv och en nationalpark och byarna förbinds med populära vandringsleder. Bilden visar den ena av de fem byarna - Manarola.


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Drama and Screaming at an L.A Club | BLIND GOSSIP 19/9-2013

Drama and Screaming at an L.A Club

There was some drama earlier this week at an L.A club involving a very cute television star from a very popular show.

Our talented actor was at a nightclub, hanging out with some friends, cast mates, and his “girlfriend”.

We put “girlfriend” in italics for three reasons: First, because we’re not convinced about this actor’s orientation. Second, because his “girlfriend” coincidentally happens to be a writer slash producer slash whatever at the same network on which his show appears, so we don’t know if she is a beard or the real thing. Third, because fans of this show are so rabid that every time we write anything about a cast member from this show, we are deluged with hate mail (Flame away, you geeks!).

Anyway, while he was hanging out with his friends, she was in the bathroom doing massive quantities of coke. After a while, she emerged from the Ladies Room, stumbled over to him and started screaming at him about how he doesn’t pay enough attention to her. And we meanscreaming!

The actor was mortified. However, instead of dealing with her, he tried to get away from her. So she’s screaming, he’s dodging, she’s chasing, and the crowd is laughing. Whenever she couldn’t find him, she would drape herself over other cute boys in the club, flirt with them, and try to get them to pay attention to her. No one was buying her mess.

After a while, the actor’s friends had enough and took off. Yes, they left the cute actor alone and miserable with his screaming, clingy, coked-up “girlfriend”. When he had finally had enough, he pushed her away from him and disciplined her like a schoolgirl, “You’re wasted! Now just go home and leave me the f*ck alone!” They wound up leaving together a little while later.

Actor: Darren Criss

TV Show: Glee

Girlfriend (not famous): Mia Swier

Bilder på Darren Criss och hans flickvän/skägg:

Kommentarer och ledtrådar:

''This is so obviously Darren and his beard. He was pictured outside a club a couple of days ago with Mia and other friends. There is ridiculous amounts of evidence that this chick is his beard, Darren Criss is not straight. At all. And she loves the attention and perks of being in this position. Fans were commenting on how Mia looked like she was on something in a picture of her DRAPED OVER ANOTHER GUY from the other night. Couldn’t be more obvious who this blind is about. I feel bad for Darren, I hope one day he can be brave enough to be open about his sexuality. And be out and proud with his real other half.''


“Girlfriend” or better say Beard: Mia Von Glitz, or whatever she calls herself. Very nasty and rude girl. I’ve met her in one of Darren’s show back in June, really gross girl. I think Darren’s PR team is doing a aweful job, he lost lot of fans because of her. So yeah, this is about Darren Criss.''


''My friend was there, Mia Swier who is almost 30 and was wearing an awful Rocker Billy outfit and has a ton of hair extensions, got pissed when Darren was talking to Rebecca Romijn his co-star from Eastwick. She was screaming and it was so embarrassing! Poor Darren Criss and Andy Mientis, they were trying to calm her down. Please Mia, free Darren!''


''Darren is the sweetest, hardest working person you could wish to meet, unfortunately he is in with the worlds worst PR company who continue to force him to attend every event with a beard in tow. They forced him to “confirm” his relationship over the summer, which was just devastating for him. He is bisexual, and while I think coming out as gay wouldn’t be such a bad career move, it’s well known that coming out as Bi is damaging. People like an actor to identify with one or another.
As for her, she is nasty. I mean real trash who relies on daddy’s money to get her what she wants. I’ve met her a few times. She is so rude to Darren’s fans I’ve surprised he’s still got any left. I’ve witnessed her yelling in the street, calling him a pussy for stoping to have a picture. She’s his beard, yes. But she is also obsessed with riding his coat tails and the notoriety being associated with him brings.''


Always in my heart


Välkommen till Sveriges enda blogg om Larry Stylinson!

Jag heter Sandra och är 19 år, jag har ett stort intresse för människor och våra skillnader och likheter. 
Visa min presentation

Sanningen om Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson - Är namnet för romansen mellan Louis Tomlinson och Harry Styles från One Direction. One Direction var med i X-Factor 2010 där de kom på tredje plats. Namnet kom från början när flera fans märke att Louis och Harry var närmare än de andra killarna.(Liam,Niall och Zayn) Först var det ett 'bromance' namn, att de bara var jättenära vänner men sedan började vissa av fansen märka att det fanns mer under ytan. Och då splittrades fandomen i två delar de som såg deras kärlek och de som trodde på lögnerna. Larry shippers kallas vi som såg, trodde och stöttade deras kärlek. 


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